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Everyday I offered g per person to come with me to H UP and pass on mount so it cost me 6k gold total. Officially the wow gods have a sense of humor. Addon pour heal HealBot Utiles aux soigneurs tels que les soins en cours sur un membre ou encore les joueurs à guérir en priorité. The first run in UP and low and behold what dropped. This way, if something does happen, you aren’t completely screwed, as the melee can step in to the beam for whatever amount of time is necessary before the banish phase begins.

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Commentaire de Ilux Dropped for us in heroic tonight, everyone needed and I got it. Atlasloo was released on January 15, at midnight in Europe and North America, selling nearly 2. If you time it right, you can just leap past some of these mobs as they run down the hallway at you. If you flip a coin twice you are not guaranteed to get heads and tails because the coin does not have any sort of memory. He’s a long way from Stormspire! Stand in line with the green beam absorbing it, and DPS to victory! This means you need to set up a rotation.

Commentaire de Dorleron I have 8 level 80 chars, all fairly geared Most a 5.

Fiery warhorse when on ground. As soon as I finish grinding money for my DK, I will certainly be using it. Commentaire de collector This mount is a really rare drop chance on Skadi the Ruthless in Heroic mode Utgarde Pinnacle.


world of warcraft – aguqiqa’s diary

atlaslokt I paid the winner of the roll TONS of gold for this. Très simple à manipuler, le logiciel est gratuit pour un usage privé. Here are some atkasloot shots: Commentaire de jdmkm Proto-Drake’s are awesome I love’em.

But I farmed for months to get my Ravenlord mount so I guess this is no different. One of my hunter is less then a week old at 85 and on consecutive runs just before raid time the mount drops for both hunters. Clique Clique est un add-on qui permet d’assigner différentes combinaison de touches, associées à un clic, pour atpasloot une multitude d’actions.

So with that in mind, if you’re looking for a proto-drake but don’t mind what colour it is – go for the red. Commentaire de Kiliek If you are having issues with this,do the following: There just messing with u. Advanced private TBC project with unparalleled game experience.

atlasloot 5.0.5

For anyone soloing, if you have a minion, be it a pet or what have you, your pet cannot take a beam, so don’t bother trying. I lose the 50.5, gain the second. Was able to complete the speed run already had the achievement though and down him with no worries at all.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de Fyara I just got this sexy dragon drop on my prot pally on gilneas. Commenter la réponse de alcha the hunt. Commentaire de drools Speaking on percentages Grosse mise à jour de mon poste. So rest assured, it was a coincidence and nothing more.


Rênes de proto-drake bleu – Objet – World of Warcraft

Commentaire de stfelixz I soloed Utgarde Pinnacle heroic today for the 3rd time, and i got this mount, against all odds and expectations. I was on skype with my friends too so I could hear their reaction.

atlasloot 5.0.5

He’ll follow and won’t stick to his normal phases. Commentaire de Quafrinhage Since this mount was available well before the new Atlasloott system was added, is it safe to say that it will still have a chance of dropping when using « Specific Dungeon » to enter UP?

ET vous dire quand lance votre drain d’âme. Commentaire de Magikarp All that, and you still fail to grasp English. Commentaire de jaycobh Got mine after 53 runs. Commentaire de stanbrook got 2 of these on my 2 mains: Last night KTM showed me well over k threat when a shaman walked into the beam.

Rênes de proto-drake bleu

Just another note we just spread out around the dragon and continued dsping him during banish phase. Haris Pilton has launched a. Blizzard needs to fix this. All I can say is aatlasloot Simply block the green beam during the first portal phase and go all out on DPS.